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   Founded by a professional athlete and international competitor, ZOCA draws its inspiration from the Southern California lifestyle: a year-round dedication to health, tness and outdoor adventure. With over 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing athletic apparel, ZOCA is proud to be MADE IN THE USA, specically San Diego, California. We have assembled a local test team of elite endurance athletes to guide our innovations in fit and comfort. Together, the ZOCA family creates top-performing custom wear and accessories to enhance your entire bike, tri, & run experience.

   The ZOCA name represents the blending of two cultures and, more importantly, the ethos of our company. Zocalo, the Spanish term for a plaza where people gather with family and friends, merges with So-Cal (Southern California), our home base. ZOCA’s mission is to form long-lasting partnerships with athletes by providing custom technical apparel of the highest quality for all endurance sports.